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Head injuries affect motorcyclists at a far higher rate than they do other drivers. Luckily, motorcycle helmets saved 1,669 lives in 2014. They were 37 percent effective in preventing fatal injuries in motorcycle drivers and 41 percent effective for motorcycle passengers (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration).

While helmets can be lifesavers, Utah only mandates helmets for riders over the age of eighteen, and many riders are tragically left with permanent damage whether or not their head was protected. They face mounting bills, lost wages, and other financial hardships.

If someone else was responsible for the crash that led to your injury, you deserve compensation. A Salt Lake City motorcycle accident head injury lawyer from Craig Swapp & Associates will have the experience and knowledge of the nuances unique to motorcycle accidents that will give your case the best possible chance at a successful outcome.


Head Injuries Are Serious

Any blow to the head warrants a trip to the doctor, even if you think it’s only a mild concussion. Some head injuries cause a slow bleed or swelling that can cause damage later, and some people have died from head injuries when they initially said they “felt fine.” For example, a subdural hematoma, or a “brain bleed,” can cause serious, life threatening damage but may not manifest until hours after a crash.


Post-Concussion Syndrome

If you still have concussion symptoms months after your motorcycle accident, such as feeling lightheaded or a headache that won’t go away, you may have post-concussion syndrome. You can seek damages now for a brain injury as long as the statute of limitations in Utah has not expired.

There are a number of signs indicating a concussion or post-concussion syndrome:

  • Slurred speech
  • Confusion
  • Amnesia and memory problems
  • Noise and light sensitivity
  • Headache that won’t go away
  • Dizziness and nausea
  • Pupil dilation
  • Constant fatigue
  • Ringing in the ears, or tinnitus

The statute of limitations allows four years in which you can file a lawsuit against the party responsible for your motorcycle crash. Contacting us as soon as possible is important because while four years may sound like a lot of time, it’s best to collect any available evidence while it’s still fresh, and it will take time to properly develop your case.


Traumatic Brain Injury

For a more serious head injury, such as a traumatic brain injury (TBI), damage can be long lasting and may worsen over time if left untreated. TBI can cause neurological damage by compromising signals between the brain and spine and may compromise mental and motor functions, your senses, and your emotions.


Financial Compensation for a Motorcycle Crash Head Injury

Negligence is the cause of most accidents. In the case of motorcycle accidents, this means proving fault will be necessary to receiving a financial award. However, the insurance companies processing your claim may try to pin the blame on you, simply because you ride a motorcycle. Unfortunately, motorcyclists are often unfairly stereotyped as reckless drivers, and insurance companies and opposing attorneys will try to use this to their advantage.

After suffering a severe concussion or traumatic brain injury, it’s important that the insurance company fully understands what happened in the chain of events that led to your accident. We can demonstrate not only your innocence to your insurer, but also just how severe your injuries are. Coverage for medical expenses will be essential to your recovery, and if the insurer won’t negotiate fairly out of court, we can file a lawsuit on your behalf.

Unfortunately, sometimes medical bills aren’t paid until your case reaches settlement, and in Utah personal injury protection (PIP) insurance doesn’t cover motorcycles. One of our attorneys can sort out your records, speak with doctors, and make sure your future expenses will be covered as well.


Work with a Salt Lake City Motorcycle Accident Head Injury Lawyer

A head injury can have lasting effects, some of which may not be evident until long after the motorcycle crash. Whatever damages you have endured as a result of your accident, there is no need to suffer in silence.

Our attorneys can help get you through the aftermath of a crash and fight for your best interests. Call Craig Swapp and Associates for free and with no commitment by dialing 1-855-628-5050. If you prefer, you can also fill out the form at the bottom of this page, and one of our knowledgeable team members will contact you at your convenience.