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If someone in your household has been hurt by a negligence, and you think that you might need a personal injury lawyer to step in, turn to Craig Swapp & Associates. Our attorneys in Spanish Fork, UT are waiting to hear about your case, and are ready to stand up for you. Do not wait for the insurance company to start running you over. Go ahead and reach out to us right now and participate in a FREE consultation. You can get started with a Spanish Fork personal injury lawyer at literally any time, day or night by emailing us, chatting online, or even calling directly. We are here for you now.

If the pain from your injuries is keeping you up at night, spend a little time on the phone with one of our caring representatives and tell them about what happened. You may be entitled to more than you realize, and our attorney will make sure that your compensation is the fullest amount according to the law.

”What Is My Personal Injury Case Worth?”

Without knowing the full details behind your case, it is hard to fairly say what any given case might be worth. Here is what we do know: the insurance companies often provide settlement offers that are much lower than what the victim involved really deserves to receive. That is what we would like to put a stop to. Make sure your rights are protected by hiring a Spanish Fork personal injury lawyer from our firm.

Our experienced team has a full understanding of personal injury law and how to approach the time-sensitive matter of making a claim. We can guide you through every step, and handle the bulk of it without you having to stress over it at all. Our attorneys pride themselves on the success that we have had through the years, and look forward to helping other victims of negligence just like you every day.

Car Accident in Spanish Forks? Call a Lawyer!

According to, about 6,000,000 car accidents happen every year in America, many of which turn out to be fatal or at least cause severe, possibly lifelong, injuries. Furthermore, in 2012, there was an overall rise in those statistics.

Have you become another injured victim? In the eyes of the insurance company, you might be seen as just that – simply another a number. At our firm, we take the time to understand the story behind your case. You are a real person with real rights that DO MATTER. Do not let anyone (such as an insurance company) undervalue your injuries or your compensation. Our attorneys work hard in three states to protect car accident victims just like you from being run over by companies that intend to take advantage of you. Hire a Spanish Forks car accident lawyer to put an end to the worry and doubt. We know what your rights are, and are not afraid to stand up to anyone that attempts to ignore them. Although it takes time, a fair resolution can be reached with the help of an experienced car accident lawyer. Call us now.

Let an Attorney Deal With Your Wreck

After an accident, you are shaken up, stressed, and worst of all, dealing with physical pain. The debt that comes from medical bills and car repairs just adds to your plate and makes it all that much more difficult to get through the day. We understand, and we want to help. Reach out to our firm day or night to speak with a staff member that can connect you with your new Spanish Forks car accident lawyer. Call 208-331-0167 if you would like to speak to someone directly, or feel free to take part in a chat session.

Truck Accident? Take Action Now!

Truck accidents are unlike any other type of auto wreck. They hit harder, cause worse injuries, and are overall scarier. A truck accident is nothing to make light of, and if you have been in one, you are lucky to be reading this message right now.

When you are dealing with an accident with an 18 wheeler, tractor trailer, big rig, construction vehicle, or other commercial truck, you are going to be up against a team of intimidating insurance company representatives. Are you prepared to handle that alone? Even if you think you might be, you shouldn’t. Even if it’s only to get an attorney’s input, we urge you to take part in a free consultation from one of our many Spanish Forks truck accident lawyers. It will cost you absolutely nothing and may change the way your future turns out.

Our Spanish Forks Truck Accident Lawyer Can Help

Our truck accident attorneys in Spanish Forks, Utah deal with cases just like yours every day, and we are prepared to get you set on the right path toward a maximum settlement amount. Don’t wait until the insurance company is already taking advantage of you, get started right now with a lawyer that will stand up for you.

We are proud to inform you that we have someone available to speak with you at literally any hour. So if the pain from your injuries is keeping you up at night, it may be a good idea for you to take a moment with one of our staff members and go over the events of your truck wreck. You can do this through chat or email, or even by directly dialing 208-331-0167 at any time. Remember: consultations are always free so you have nothing to lose.