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Call Us With Your Questions or Situation If you’ve been injured in an accident through anothers’ negligence, we’re sure you have many questions or just may want to share your story with a knowledgeable attorney. That’s why we at Craig Swapp & Associates are happy to offer a free legal consultation to anyone who calls. Our attorneys or a highly trained legal professional will be happy to answer your questions or explain your legal options. When you talk with us, there’s no obligation to use our services. We’re simply here to help.

Learn About the Legal Strengths of Your Case During your initial consultation with Craig Swapp & Associates, we’ll be happy to share with you any legal insights, advice or opinions to help you understand your case and your rights under the law. Our staff will outline what evidence is necessary to help build your case (police and witness reports, medical bills or records, receipts, photographs, any physical evidence, etc.). We’ll even warn you about any tactics used by the insurance adjusters or lawyers to trick you into damaging your case.

Give Us the Opportunity to Help You At Craig Swapp & Associates, we’re honored when you ask for our help with your case. We look to repay that trust by doing the finest job we can for you. Please call us today.