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What constitutes a serious injury?

A serious or catastrophic injury is especially severe, and requires extensive medical treatment. The injuries can involve damage to your body’s central nervous system, brain or spinal cord. Other catastrophic injuries include severe fractures, burns, amputations, loss of eyesight, or injury to your central or key nerves. Many people who suffer catastrophic injuries also suffer from depression because of their limiting condition. There are many different situations that can cause a catastrophic injury, including fires, automobile accidents, construction accidents, sports injuries, faulty products and occupational accidents.

What types of spinal cord injuries lead to paralysis?

There are three main types of spinal cord injuries that can result in paralysis:

  • Contusions arise from a direct hit to the spinal column, creating swelling and pressure that leads to nerve damage.
  • Compression is when the spinal cord is aggressively compacted, also causing swelling and pressure that causes nerve and spinal column damage.
  • Direct injury is when the spinal cord is cut by bone or another force, thus damaging the nerves.

What are the different types of paralysis?

The various types are classified according to region. Monoplegia affects one limb, diplegia affects the same body region on both sides (both arms and both legs). Hemiplegia affects one side of the body, while paraplegia affects both legs, lower torso, and occasionally the chest. Quadriplegia, called tetraplegia, affects all four limbs and your torso.

What are the symptoms of a traumatic brain injury?

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