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Craig Swapp Client App

Craig Swapp & Associates has two different mobile apps, one to install on your smartphone before you’ve been in an accident, and another for our clients so we have a private communication channel with you.  Here’s how to get both.

The Craig Swapp Client Communicator App is available in both the Apple iTunes, and Android Play stores. This app allows you to have a private communication line to your attorney and case manager. You can send confidential and secure messages, get replies, send us pictures of your accident, injuries, and pictures of documents.

We also have several helpful articles embedded in the app to help you know how your case will be handled and how not to blow your case.

If you’re a client, please download this app from your app store today.

Just search for «Craig Swapp» and you’ll find the client communicator app. Once installed, run the app and touch «Get New Account» and we’ll activate it after verifying you are a client.

Google Play | iTunes



Craig Swapp Accident Toolkit App

CSA accident toolkitThe Craig Swapp Accident Tool Kit is an easy to use application that will help you accurately record all the information at the scene of an accident. Get peace of mind that if an accident happens, you’ll have a complete set of tools to easily document and protect yourself legally. Install this app today, before you have an accident.


  1. The accident kit contains utilities such as camera, voice recorder, text notepad and drawing pad.
  2. Collect information from multiple parties (Other Driver, witnesses and the injured).
  3. Automatic GPS location – By a click of a button your current location information, such street names, city, state and country are automatically retrieved.
  4. Easy mailing: The collected information can be easily sent to our firm through a single email report.
  5. Call emergency number 911 or instantly contact our law firm with the press of a button.
  6. FAQ section – Contains important information that you would need to know before and after a motorcycle accident.
  7. Download it today on iOS or Android by searching your app store for Craig Swapp.

Google Play | iTunes